We talk to Bonkaz about his creative process, what it means to make music when you don't play an instrument and get his take on artists role in fashion too.
In this installment of the Chicago Takeover, Seriousss catches up with Malcolm in Chicago neighborhood, Pilsen, to learn about how he got his start and what motivates him to do what he does.
In this episode Seriousss asks what makes Raury relevant in 2015 and what makes his style and performance so distinctive for the new generation of underground music lovers.
In this week's installment of the Chicago Takeover, coming straight out of Austin on Chicago's West Side and representing the group PIVOT. Serious caught up with young artist, Tahj Malik Chandlar, in Wicker Park - far better known to the world as Saba. He talks to us about how he got his start, his "nerdy" behavior, and lets us in to the world of his "Comfort Zone".
Seriousss meets with a influential member of rising talent within the new era of rap, hailing all the way from Chicago, home to other Windy City rappers, Common, Kanye West, and Lupe Fiasco. He goes by the name of Mick Jenkins and he's on a mission of purity and truth.
In this episode we uncover what makes Peach Fuzz, the lessons learnt from past experience and how the mellow attitude of three individuals can create an agency that brands trust.
In this episode we chat to Nellie Eden from BabyFace - A collective and platform that celebrates female creativity, BabyFace was born from the desire to showcase all the girls Nellie and co-founder Claire discovered during their lives in London and become a hub to share new found talent in the capital.
In this episode Alex talks about the challenges and frustrations faced with starting an independent platform but also the high points, lessons learnt and successes that have made it a recognisable name within the British fashion and subculture circuit.
Nina Manandhar is self made photographer who's expertise in subcultural movements have lead her to work for high profile brands, release projects with fellow London creatives and more recently onto her latest publication through Prestel, 'What We Wore'
The 26 year old Londoner who is not content with resting on her already well established brand, is currently looking to expand in all aspects of her career. Seriousss caught up with lily to discuss the early beginnings, her well crafted rise in notoriety, and the future of rap music.